Jade Multimedia for Mobile
JM-Mobile Browser allowing to navigate through the network of the mobile interactive contents


JM-Mobile Browser allows downloading and representing the mobile interactive contents (*.jmm) edited and exported from JM-Mobile Editor.

Using JM-Mobile Browser the mobile interactive contents are directly downloaded from Internet. Your clients don't have to install your new mobile interactive contents or re-install your updated mobile contents. JM-Mobile Browser can help your client easily manage and explore the mobile interactive contents downloaded onto his/her mobile.



All mobile-phones support the J2ME CLDC/MIDP 2.0


You can download this browser, install it on your cell-phone or on a java cell-phone simulator (e.g. WTK 2.3 or higher) then run this browser and try to download and play the jm-document demos from the address:

JM-Mobile documents (*.jmm) and indexing (*.ijm

All jm-mobile documents exported by JM-Mobile Editor have the *.jmm extension, by example on the web site we have the following documents:


You can enter directly these address on your JM-Mobile Browser to download and play these documents on your cell phones. Since the document is downloaded on your cell-phone, it can be playback independently without need of connection to internet. 

Additionally, you can create a RSS file to describe all your documents as following:

Then you use the jm-mobile index generator tool which can be reached from the menu Tools->Index generating to compile this RSS file to a *.ijm file that can be used by the JM-Mobile Browser to provide a quick access to a set of your prefered jm-mobile documents. You can try to download the file by using the JM-Mobile Browser installed on your mobile phone or on your WTK simulator to see how it is more practical than access to each individual jm-mobile document (*.jmm). 




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