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Dec. 09, 2009: How to use the Google map image (tutorials).

Nov. 27, 2009: The JM-Mobile Editor v1.3.13 is available for download.

Oct. 07, 2009: The JM-Mobile Editor v1.3.10 supports the pointer actions to edit and to generate the applications for the touch screen cell-phones.

July 05, 2009: The new version JM-Mobile Editor v1.3.08 and JM-Mobile Bluetooth server v1.00.00 (DEMO mode) are now available to download. These versions provide the ways to edit/create the JM-Mobile applications that can explore the content of the JM-Mobile Bluetooth Media server to download through the Bluetooth Obex connection. See the BtMediaServerBrowsing application for more detail. The project .eman of this application is enclosed in the JM-Mobile Editor. The JM-Mobile Bluetooth Server user's guide is now available to download.

June 21, 2009: The new version JM-Mobile 1.3.07 is available to download. This version fix the bug that didn't take into account the Bluetooth server address field of the GetFileByBluetoothAction.

June 07, 2009: Jm-mobile bluetooth server in trying DEMO mode is now available to download. The DEMO mode doesn't allows to modify the broadcasting and the distributing data of the server. Jm-mobile bluetooth server provides a set of functionalities as a Bluetooth Push server, a Bluetooth media on demand server and a JM-Mobile document on demand server.

June 04, 2009: The new version JM-Mobile 1.3.06 is now available to download. There are many bugs fixed and some new power editions features. See the Bosnalijek contact list application created by this new version of JM-Mobile.

April 25, 2009: The new version JM-Mobile 1.3.05 is now available to download. There are many bugs fixed and some new power editions features. See the Sudoku application created by this new version of JM-Mobile.

Mars. 4, 2009: New Images Audio Slides application sample is available for download from the Showcases .

Feb. 25, 2009: The flowing application samples demonstrate the new capacities of the new JM-Mobile version. The Google map search plugin sample ( ). The new version of NewYorkTime sample ( ) that allow to make the content find. The Google map sample ( )

Feb. 04, 2009: The next JM-Mobile version v1.03.00 will be available soon. It will allow you to integrate into your JM-Mobile projects the J2ME CLDC/MIDP applications/engines. The JM-Mobile Editor will become an excellent tool to make quickly, easily and effectively the system menu of your J2ME applications. Please feel free to send us your questions and your suggestions.

Dec. 28, 2008: The new version JM-Mobile 1.2.94 is available for download. See the Calculator sample ( )

Nov. 20, 2008: The new version JM-Mobile 1.2.92 is available for download. See the France TV Programmes sample ( )

Nov. 02, 2008: The new version JM-Mobile 1.2.8 is available for download. This version supports the animations and many bugs fixed. An edition tutorial is comming soon. You see the animation menu sample enclosed with the application or can download this animation menu demo to know more about this new release ( )

Sep. 28, 2008: The new version JM-Mobile 1.2.7 is now available for download.

Aug. 18, 2008: The new version JM-Mobile 1.2.6 is now available for download. In this new version the scroll group is introduced to replace the ListLayout.

Aug. 15, 2008: The PDF version of the documentation for the JM-Mobile editor 1.2.x is now available.

Aug. 09, 2008: The new version JM-Mobile 1.2.5 is now available for download. The help document is improved in this version.

July 27, 2008: The version JM-Mobile 1.2.4 is now available for download. This new version supports the runtime logic expression evaluation to active or not an object. That allows to create the more sophisticated applications. There are also many bugs fixed ...

July 14, 2008: many bugs fixed for the Bluetooth Server and the JM-Mobile browser. The Bluetooth server can also run on the Windows Vista.

Mars 24, 2008: the JM-Mobile Editor version 1.1b is released. This version allows to make the hyperlink from a *.jmm presentation to the other jmm presentations (i.e. hyperlink as like as the web navigation). You can now create a jmm presentation network on which your client can navigate as like as the web navigation.

Mars 6, 2008: the JM-Mobile Editor version 1.09b is released. This release fixes the compatibility bug of the exported applications .jar on the old divices, and some other small bug.

February 28, 2008: the JM-Mobile Editor version 1.09 is released. This new version supports a real flow layout that allow to scroll up and down or left and right, and has many bugs fixed. (see the scalar vector m_learning demo).

January 31, 2008: the JM-Mobile Editor and Browser version 1.08, and JMM Bluetooth Server

September 6, 2007: the JM-Mobile Editor and Browser version 1.07b. This update allows user to choose one in some solution to present an image ...

September 4, 2007: the JM-Mobile Editor and Browser version 1.07a is available. This version supports UI rescaling, XML data, Menu dynamic, etc.

August 1st 2007: the next JM-Mobile version 1.07 will come soon. It will support XML data, that will bring JM-Mobile a new super power of editing and presenting with the dynamic content (see the NewYorkTime's RSS viewer demo).

Mobile Technology Daily News

Wednesday February 20, 2008

Next generation of DVD players to run Java ME technology

Blu-ray DVD standard has Java ME CDC and Personal Basis Profile technologies

Deep Dive: Blu-ray Disc Java, An Interview With Bill Foote at

Wednesday July 04, 2007

TomTom files patent for camera sat nav

TomTom is attempting to move up a gear in the in-car sat nav biz. It recently filed a patent for a GPS device that incorporates a camera to show the driver exactly where to turn off the road ahead.

The European patent application describes a device that's based on the idea that instead of representing the streets around a driver as a map, the driver is shown a real picture of the street - complete with intersections, signs, traffic jams, etc - taken with a camera connected to the unit. (

Tuesday July 03, 2007

iPhone Roundup: Meebo IM Working; Acquired

-- Meebo, the online IM service which allows users to access all major IM clients online, now works with iPhone, after the team there tweaked the system. So much for iPhone not having an IM sucked not having one.

-- Apple has bought domain name, and it was a seven figure sale. The URL now redirects to the Apple iPhone section. (

Monday July 02, 2007

N-Gage games to equal PC games

Nokia has started development on at least one cross-platform game, codenamed "Project White Rock", which will offer an identical experience on PCs and N-Gage mobile phones, Pocket Gamer reports. (

Nokia Targets N-gage Platform To PC

Nokia is expanding its N-gage gaming platform to include PCs and is developing a game-Project White Rock-as a demonstration game. "While we currently have few details regarding gameplay, we do know that 'Project White Rock' possesses over a thousand lines of recorded dialogue...

YouTube Gets Embedded on LG Handsets

YouTube's mobile strategy is finally coming along: it started with opening access beyond its exclusive deal with Verizon Wireless. The iPhone-YouTube integration is possibly among the most used features on the iPhone (at least anecdotally on my iPhone). (

Friday June 29, 2007

Air France starts mobile check-in

Air France and KLM have launched a mobile phone check-in service using SMS for confirmation..

Initially the service will be available on departures from almost all metropolitan France and European airports, on Air France and KLM short and medium-haul flights. It should be extended to the entire network later this year. (

Wednesday June 20, 2007

YouTube hits iPhone.

YouTube is now available on Apple TV - but that's just a footnote. Apple also announced that it will include a specialized YouTube app with the iPhone when the long-awaited handheld device ships on 29 June.

Starting today, Apple TV users can download a free software update that allows them to "easily navigate through YouTube's familiar video browsing categories or search for specific videos." Those with YouTube memberships can log-in to their accounts through the app, much as they would at (

Tuesday June 19, 2007

Opera tries to out-do the iPhone All it takes is a decent browser

Opera has launched a beta of its mobile browser, Opera Mini: version 4 supports smooth zooming around web pages and server-based page optimisation, giving Opera claim to deliver the whole internet ahead of Apple's much-anticipated iPhone.

Version 4 of the Java-based browser also makes greater use of the keypad for navigation, freeing up directional keys for control of an on-screen pointer, but it is the zoom function which grabs the attention. Click here to find out more!. (

Monday June 18, 2007

Mobile internet set for take-off?.Take-up increasing, but progress is slow. The mobile internet is more toll road than superhighway, but the logjam could clear up. On the face of things there is little reason to be confident that mobile internet will ever fully catch on with consumers. It's expensive, awkward to use, and lacks the content and functionality of a traditional PC-based browser. (

JRuby and the Java Platform. Scripts are gaining in popularity with developers because they are easy to write, take less time to write than compiled programs, and require little maintenance. Although hundreds of scripting languages are in use today, developers continue to create new ones because each language is geared to a particular purpose or domain space. For example, the JavaScript programming language is commonly used for web-based user interface (UI) development, and Perl is popular on the server side. (

Wednesday June 13, 2007

3GSM morphs into Mobile World Show. New name, same old show. The 3GSM World Congress has renamed itself the Mobile World Show, hoping to attract a more sexy media crowd than the middle-aged telecoms executives who usually frequent the place. 3GSM World Congress Asia also gets renamed Mobile Asia Congress, to maintain the connection between the two shows. (

@ Mobile Content World: Broadcasters Promote Ad Relationships. One interesting thing from Mobile Content World Australasia 2007 is the way the broadcasters are positioning themselves as advertiser aggregators. Rather than say "we've got all this great content" they're saying "we know all these advertisers", which gives an indication of where they think the revenue is going to come from and what role they'd like to play. (

Monetising mobile content - anywhere, anytime. The worldwide mobile content market is expected to reach $US150 billion by 2011. Mobile content will grow as mobile web access evolves and the relationship consumers have with their mobile phone deepens. (

Tuesday June 11, 2007

TeleNav brings user-generated content to GPS. Share your bad restaurant experiences with the world. TeleNav has added extra functionality to its latest version, just launched in the US, to allow users to rate restaurants and other businesses, as well as tell everyone how much, and where, they just paid for their petrol. Version 5.2 should be available in the UK over the summer. (

Friday June 08, 2007

Google promises mobile software platform to challenge Windows. Analysis The most critical battle in the wireless world is to take the reins of the mobile internet as it evolves, and that means all the majors are trying to create a software platform that will make the web even more usable on a small device than it is on a PC, ... (

Tuesday May 22, 2007

Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.1 for CLDC is now available. Support for Linux, bug fixes, and application signing with hardware certificates have been added to this version

Thursday May 17, 2007

The Latest Java Innovation, JavaFX Family Launches with JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile. JavaFX Mobile is a complete, pre-integrated software system for advanced mobile devices designed to enable developers to author rich, high-impact content and network-based services. Built around open and standards-based technologies, JavaFX Mobile enables control and flexibility for the mobile ecosystem.(

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